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ayuarini.com Job Posting Guidelines

  • One Job, One Posting - Each job posting should be used to fill one specific position. If you have multiple jobs, use multiple job postings. The exception is for nationwide job postings, where one job title/position is available in multiple locations (and the job posting is paid as nationwide).
  • No multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing or similar jobs - We accept permanent salaried positions. Pay-to-apply or pay-to-work, work-at-home, commission only, etc. positions are not allowed. The exception to the permanent guideline is internships, which by design are temporary. However, we do not accept unpaid internship postings.
  • No overly vague job descriptions - Please include a company name, job title, and description. No "various tasks and duties" or "responsibilities to be determined" positions.
We reserve the right to cancel job postings that do not follow these guidelines. Payments will be refunded for canceled postings except in the case of multiple offenders, where subsequent posting fees will be forfeited.

For more information about ayuarini.com, please contact us.

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